The NewAir WCD-200W Water Dispenser is the perfect accessory for a gym, home or office!  It’s small and compact and won’t take up a whole lot of room.  My son Dylan is always asking me for water, he must drink around 10 cups a day or more and I am constantly having to make drinks.  He has since figured out how to works the NewAir Water Dispenser, it has both a hot and cold switch, he knows not to touch the hot one and now if he wants a glass of water I just send him right over to the water dispenser!


The Newair water dispenser has a built in compact compartment which is great for storing cups and straws etc.  We store plastic cups for my son to use and they are easy for him to access without being high up or on a shelf, he loves to drink out of a cup with a straw so this is perfect!

There are two switches, one for cold water and one for hot water.  The cold water switch can be pressed down and when you release it the water stops running, you can also pull the cold water switch up and it will run itself until you push the button back down which is handy if you have a gallon of water to fill up, or even a pitcher!

The hot water switch works in the same way except you have to hold the switch down then let it go and the water will stop running, I’m guessing this is a safety reason which I think is well thought out!

I have used a lot of water coolers before but I don’t believe I have used one, at least not for a while, with both hot and cold water functionality.  My husband loves this for his coffee in the morning, he hates waiting on kettles boiling or coffee brewing, he drinks the instant stuff and he can get his coffee with less than a minute just by using the hot switch!

We live in Spokane, WA so the water is drinkable here but you never know how clean water actually is and I know with the NewAir Water Dispenser I will always have fresh and clean water.

The Nozzles are also thin which makes filling up a bottle with a small lid super easy, the drip also prevents water from getting all over the place and any slippery accidents happening!

The water tank inside the Dispenser is also stainless steel which means you won’t get that horrible plastic taste like you do with the cheap kind!

Tanks that can be used with this dispenser can be 2,3 or 5 gallons which means if you don’t have the room for a larger tank then you can go all the way down to only 2 gallons.

NewAir loves to keep everything energy efficient and they want you to love your purchase and make everything easy to use.


Set Up

This was really easy to set up, when I was expecting the Dispenser and saw the large box it arrived in I thought it would be huge and super hard to set up and probably have a hundred peices to put together, but no, wrong!  My husband lifted out the box and there it sat, one not so big easy to set up water dispenser.  Then all we had to do was fill up our tank with water and plug in the dispenser.  It heats the water up and keeps the water cool, both at the same time, which kind of amazes me for some odd reason.

There dispenser barely makes any noise when heating up water and keeping it cool, I didn’t even realize it made a noise until the house was eventually silent and it’s kind of relaxing.

We have had this dispenser for about 3 weeks now and everything still works fantastic, just like the day it arrived.  We also had it in the garage for when my husband was working on stuff and needed a cold drink, now we have it inside the house since Dylan has figured out how to use it, the perfect companion for our house and a great addition!


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