Brace yourself for a high-stakes, game-changing leap of tested faith, twisted fate and tantalizing fantasy in ABC’s Once Upon a Time: The Complete Sixth Season.  Bonus features include The Storybrooke Songbook: Inside the Musical Episode, Audio Commentary, The Fairest Bloopers of Them All and Deleted Scenes.

After Regina crushes the heart of her Dark Half, it appears Storybrooke will finally enjoy an era of tranquility. But this reprieve is short-lived when the Evil Queen reemerges and wreaks a level of havoc and terror that makes her previous cruelties pale by comparison. Desperate to right her counterpart’s wrongs, Regina fights the ultimate battle against her nemesis, but can one survive if the other is destroyed?

Meanwhile, Gold’s attempt to win back Belle before their child is born has heartbreaking consequences; Snow and David face a new, even more insidious curse; and just as Emma begins to envision a happy ending with Hook, she discovers she’s destined, as the Savior, to die at the hands of a sword-wielding assassin – unless she can somehow change her fate.

This season was filled with all of the usual twists and excitement, but the show seemed to take a slightly darker turn in this season but that’s how it goes and it was filled with excitement and some cliffhangers. Without spoiling anything, there are lots of new plots featuring the different characters which are played out well, the season finale is one to watch.

There are lots of arguments, lots of action and lots of things that will play with your emotions, this season was a bit of a roller coaster but as always it leaves us hanging on for more!

Bonus Features:


Go on-set in Vancouver to see how they brought ONCE UPON A TIME’S first musical episode to life. Be there for the recording sessions, dance rehearsals, and shooting of this unique television experience.


THE OTHER SHOE COMMENTARY with Director/Executive Producer Steve Pearlman and Writers Jane Espenson and Jerome Schwartz



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