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When you sign up for an Orange Glad you will receive five carefully selected gourmet treats to enjoy each month.  Orange Glad only sends out the best, freshest and tastiest gourmet treats, these can range from pastries, chocolates,  brownies, cookies and much much more!

This was my first month trying out Orange Glad, they kindly sent me a box to review but I knew what to expect as I have seen reviews on other blogs and each month I am always tempted to sign up because everything looks delicious!


As y’all know I love a pretty box and Orange Glad is no exception, stick a bow and some pretty stickers on things and you have a winner. everything was packaged beautifully!

The Treats


OrangeGlad Brownutella

With a generous swirl of nutella on top, one bite of this brownie will satisfy any chocolate lovers cravings.  The creamy blend of hazelnuts and cocoa compliment the rich fudgey center of this decadent treat!

These are delicious!  Imagine a brownie topped with creamy nutella, well you can’t go wrong and as a nutella junkie I was obviously going to love these, the brownie was also crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, just like how a brownie should be.


Aly’s Apples Milk Chocolate Swirl Caramel Apple

The original chocolate covered caramel apple.  This one is a Classic!  A crisp apple dunked in thick caramel and smothered in Aly’s Milk Chocolate, finished in a swirl of white chocolate ribbons.

This was amazing, like seriously, I have never tasted a caramel apple where the caramel is actually soft under the chocolate, maybe it’s an American thing but when I lived in the UK all of the caramel is hard, this was so much better and the chocolate was delicious!


Azucar Bakery Alfajor Cookies

An alfajor can be best described as a short bread cookie sandwich with homemade dulce de leche. This delicious traditional South American cookie is will melt in your mouth!

This was my ultimate favorite product from this months box, The cookies with the caramel like creme inside are amazing and fall apart in your mouth, they are so good and I am tempted to order more.


Circo’s Pastry Shop Sandwich Rainbow Butter Cookie

I thought these were just “Ok”, most of the other products seemed more hard to find but I didn’t think these tasted like anything different or had a special touch to it, Dylan on the other hand loved this, but of course he loves cookies and chocolate!


Chef Chu’s Candied Pecans

These candied pecans are deliciously crunchy and sweet.  They are coated with sugar and a sweet honey glaze.

These are awesome!  I love candied pecans so I had no doubt in my mind these would be great too!


This was my first month of OrangeGlad and I love the great curation of products included in this months box.  I love finding out and discovering new baked goods and most things with chocolate or shortbread are a hit in this house!
I don’t do cost breakdowns on boxes like these because everything is pretty hard to find and if you were to purchase each product separately you would have to pay shipping.

OrangeGlad is a great way to discover exciting and delicious food products every month and if you love a delicious surprise you will love OrangeGlad!


Click Here to sign up for OrangeGlad! Use the coupon code Winter2014 for 30% Sweet Boxes!  This is an awesome deal and I have already snapped one up!

Disclosure: I received the products mentioned above in exchange for my honest opinion. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.