Disclosure: Coffee for Mom received a birthday party package from Chuck E Cheese to facilitate this feature, all opinions are my own.

If you have kids, then you have more than likely been to Chuck E Cheese, you should know by now just how awesome the pizza tastes!

A few of my friends kids have had quite a few birthday parties at Chuck E Cheese and I have always been impressed with how organized everything is and how much fun it is for both kids and adults!


My sons birthday is December 29th so he has never really had a proper party, so when I got the chance to throw an early birthday party at Chuck E Cheese I jumped at the chance!

Now I didn’t really know what to expect or just how awesome the party would turn out, we had 6 kids and 6 adults in total and they were super excited to be heading to the party!


When we first arrived I was greeted by the manager who was extremely helpful, polite and made sure that we had everything we needed to have a fantastic party, he checked on us throughout the party to make sure everything was awesome and if we needed anything else whatsoever just to ask, super manager I must say!

Once we spoka to the manager, a party host greeted us and took us to our table, it was set up awesome, all the kids got cool, refillable drink cups, plates and around 150 tokens each to play with!

The manager also gave us extra tokens for being “military”. “booking online” and was just generally awesome in every way!


When the kids were sat at the table, I chatted with the host and he asked what food we would like to order, we ended up with a total of 6 huge pizzas, salads, lots of soda and other types of drinks!  I was then offered the choice of one huge birthday cake or two smaller cakes for a boy and girl, since my kids Dylan and Sophia were “The Birthday Kids” I chose the two smaller cakes, but they were more than enough to feed everyone and we even had some left over to take home!

The birthday kids also received birthday stickers and two cool looking cardboard thing they can put their head through and you can take a picture!


As you can see, even the adults had fun!  With all the food, tokens and pleasant staff  how could you not!  We were given around 45 minutes to have some fun before the food came out so everyone could go play games, spend their tokens and win tickets!!


As always the pizza was delicious, we got to choose our choice of toppings on each pizza and there was probably enough pizza to accommodate 20 people, we ended up with a lot of pizza to take home, no complaints!

Once everyone was finished eating, the cakes were brought out for the birthday kids, we all sang happy birthday along to the music and the kids got to dance and meet the famous Chuck E!


We also got the choice to use super hero capes for the birthday kids and crowns or have Chuck E Cheese T Shirts, we chose the Tees because they will be a good memorabilia for when my kids get older and they can always remember their first party with Chuck E!

After the cake was out all the kids got a chance to play with a huge Pinata, once it broke open lots of tickets and candy fell out!  It was awesomeness!


After the Pinata, the fun was not over!  All the kids (and adults) got a chance to go in the ticket blaster machine where they could win up to a 1,000 point ticket!!!


At the end of the party all the kids got to take home goodie bags, cake, their cool cups and were able to spend their tickets at the ticket store for even more prizes!


The birthday kids were also given an extra 1,000 tickets each to spend at the ticket shop!  They ended up with around 7,500 tickets and a really cool toy car to play with and some other goodies!

The moral of this story is, you should book a party at Chuck E Cheese, it’s fun, the staff are super nice, helpful, polite and cater to everything you need to have the best party ever!

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