“Path to Resiliency” is my favorite of our guided imagery CD and downloadable programs.  Our intention was to try and give your morale and confidence a little boost when things seem to be down, but what we’ve found is that you don’t necessarily have to be feeling “down” to benefit.  Every time I listen to it, it puts me in a great mood.

No doubt that disappointment is part of life, but sometimes all you need is another perspective.  By using a positive thinking strategy rich in mountain climbing metaphors and positive affirmations, “Path to Resiliency” instills a can-do attitude, reinforcing your own resiliency and belief in yourself.  It will help you rise to any challenge, helping you build motivational drive and follow through and showing you how to turn obstacles into inspirations.  It’s just the thing for offering a little inspiration and also to brighten your day.

There is nothing more mysterious than that contained in this audio program.  You will be taken on an imaginary stroll through the forest and up a metaphorical mountain.   Along the way you will gain a more positive perspective and become more confident in your own abilities.   It is that simple, just a qualified guide with a sweet and comforting voice, some beautiful music and your own intention to improve your outlook.

My Review

I have really enjoyed listening to this CD, I got the digital download version which is just as good so I can listen to it from anywhere.

Having kids is always stressful and when I find some quiet time to myself I like to find new ways to relax and feel rejuvenated, Path To Resiliency is a great listen, when you need to have a little confidence boost and when you need to feel focused again.

I often feel worn out and run down as I live a very busy lifestyle as most people do, sometimes it can make you feel down when you have no time to yourself and sometimes you just need a few words to bring you back to life again.

This CD can help you overcome feeling down and I recommend it to anyone who just needs that little bit of encouragement now and then!


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Disclosure: I received this product to review, all opinions are my own.