If I had to choose three words that scare me, they would be Colic, Fussy, Newborn.  Don’t get me wrong babies are the cutest little creatures in the world and I love mine to the end of time but I’ve had three children in 6 years and the only one who wasn’t really fussy was my daughter, both my sons on the other hand drove me crazy.  When I found out I was pregnant I was so happy and expected things to go smoothly after he was born, I imagined staring into his eyes and cuddling with him until he fell asleep. But it didn’t quite work out all fuzzy and warm like that.

When my first son Dylan was born, he would cry non stop for about 3 hours every day. Nothing I could do would comfort him, and it was heartbreaking. He was a colicky baby and also had acid reflux. It didn’t help that I was feeding him with a fast flow nipple for the first couple of weeks, I was seriously clueless, having my first child was a real learning experience!  One of the big things I learned is that different baby bottles work best for babies with different needs and since my son had tummy problems, I had to do some more research on the type of bottles I was using, once I did, It saved my son a world of pain and I finally got to cherish those moments I had longed for with my little guy.


My youngest son Josh just turned one, he was the fussiest baby out of all my kids and the main reason was due to tummy problems and acid reflux, he doesn’t have as much tummy problems now but I don’t like to take any chances!  My son has been using Philips Avent bottles since he was a newborn, the Anti-Collic bottle is clinically proven to reduce colic and discomfort, it’s worked wonders for my little guy and it’s saved me from having to listen to a lot of fussing!

The Philips Avent Anti-Colic bottle has a great Airflex system that’s designed to reduce air digestion which in return helps to reduce gas and colic.  There are only 4 parts to the bottle – the bottle itself, cap, nipple and ring which means there aren’t a lot of parts to reassemble after every cleaning, and the ring holds the nipple in place.


Babies fed with Philips Avent anti-colic bottles experienced 60% less fussing at night, than babies fed with a leading competitor’s vented bottle. *At 2 weeks of age, babies fed with a Philips Aventbottle showed a trend to less colic compared to a conventional bottle and a significant reduction in fussing at night compared to babies fed with another leading bottle.  The bottle features a built-in venting system that keeps air away from your babies tummy and the ribbed texture of the nipple prevents it from collapsing and lets your little one enjoy their feeding!

Philips Avent partnered with actress and new mom Sarah Chalke this year to learn about her experience with colic with her first child and how she’s trusting PhilipsAvent to ensure the best feeding experience for her new daughter, Frankie.

They worked with Sarah Chalke on a video testimonial about the new Anti-colic bottle, check it out below!

If you have a little one who suffers from tummy troubles then I 100% recommend the Philips Avent Anti-colic Bottle, it’s worked wonders for my son and saved us both a world of frustration!

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