I always say, if you find a job you love, stick with it, now I love my job but if I ever got a chance to work at the amazing Pixar Studios I would literally do it in a heartbeat, a girl can dream right? I recently got a tour around Pixar Animation Studios whilst in San Francisco for the Cars 3 Event and I never knew a work area could be so chill.  The work ethic is amazing and employees have a gym, a swimming pool and more.  They don’t need a shirt and tie, they don’t need to be constantly run off their feet, if they get their job done they are free to go for a swim or work out. Now that’s a job right? And it’s obvious how hard employees work with all the amazing Pixar movies coming out, especially Cars 3!


The Steve Jobs Building

Part of Pixar’s headquarters is in the Steve Jobs building which is a tribute to Steve, he helped take control of Pixar in the 80’s and now it’s one of the worlds most successful movie studios. Steve wanted the building to look good in 100 years and so they made it that way with beautiful glass that you can see your reflection in,



Luxo Jr Lamp and Ball

Right across from the Steve Jobs Pixar Animation Studios Building you will see the iconic Luxo Jr Lamp and Ball, at night the lamp lights up and shines onto the ball, they are huge and we got some super cool photos! You will see the ball and lamp in a lot of Pixar movies so it’s only fitting to have those icons right outside where the employees work.



Inside Pixar Animation Studios

Inside Pixar Animation Studios you will find some of the coolest artwork, life-size figurines and some hidden treasures.  If you look closely at the floors you will see hidden Pixar characters embellished throughout!


You will see life-size figures of Woody, Buzz, Nemo, Dory and many more, It was amazing to see some of the characters i’ve grown up with in full size!


The art is amazing, I couldn’t take picture of it all but you can even see how some of the characters are created, from scratch.  There is also a movie theater or two inside Pixar Animation Studios, there are coffee shops, a cool Pixar store, it’s amazing.

You will also find a cabinet filled with awards and an old Woody toy that keeps an eye on them, they are proudly displayed as you walk in the Steve Jobs Building!


The Scenery

The Pixar Campus is located on 20 acres of land, there is a swimming pool, a basketball court, beautiful gardens and gorgeous flowers adorn the outside.  I felt like I was walking through a botanical garden in some parts, even though it’s a place of work, it’s dreamy and does not feel like a typical boring work environment, of course it doesn’t, it’s Pixar!

I absolutely LOVED visiting Pixar Animation Studios, I have never seen such an amazing place with an astounding work ethic most people on dream about!  I learned so much and they treated us very well and because the group of bloggers I was with were absolutely the best, ever, this made our experience even better!


Cars 3

Whilst we were at Pixar Animation Studios we also got a preview of the upcoming Cars 3 Movie that will open in Theaters everywhere on June 16th! I will be writing about that at a later date so keep an eye out, it’s going to be AMAZING!

Check out the most recent Cars 3 Trailer

About Cars 3

After being trounced in a race by upstart newcomer Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer), everyone begins to wonder if Lighting McQueen (Owen Wilson) should retire. But Lightning isn’t ready to throw in the towel yet, and with the help of another rookie – Cruz Ramirez (Cristela Alonzo) – the old dog is going to learn some new tricks and attempt a comeback in the Florida 500.

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