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Do your kids love toys that they can really use to be creative and do pretend play with their siblings? My daughter is now at that age where she loves to play with little figures and when my son and her get together around a cool toy, they can spend hours coming up with different ideas and they just love to use their imaginations.  The PLAYMOBIL Cruise Ship is the latest toy we checked out, as soon as my kids saw how big the box was, there was a big WOW all around, it’s huge!

The PLAYMOBIL Cruise Ship is brand new, it did require some set up but it also came with detailed instructions, it took us about 10 minutes to set up!  There are lots of little pieces that come with the ship, your little ones can set them up as they like, move them around and be super imaginative.

The cruise ship is multi story and comes with beds for the PLAYMOBIL characters, chairs, equipment, clothing clip ons, chairs and more.  There is a swimming pool on the ship and a slide, your kids can slide the characters all the way down the slide and they will land in the swimming pool!

There are some cool little parts on the ship, you really have to look closely and take in everything it has to offer!  In the bedroom there is also a separate room with a toilet, there are ladders for your kids PLAYMOBIL characters to climb upstairs, enjoy the view and have a swim!

On the front of the ship there is a little compartment that can open up and you can store some of the toys inside, my kids love to just leave their toys laying around and the little pieces usually get everywhere so this is super smart I must say!

My kids love PLAYMOBIL (almost as much as I love chocolate!), the cruise ship is one of my daughters new favorite toys and it’s perfect for little ones!

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