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The world is full of new and amazing tech products for kids and adults nowadays and until I had kid of my own, I never realized just how evolved the world of children’s products is becoming.  When I was a child, I remember playing with tech toys but there was nothing as advanced as there is now! CHiP and COJI are fun, imaginative and interactive robot toys that completely power your little ones imagination, CHiP is the perfect pet and COJI will teach your child Emojis, both are super interactive toys by WowWee and I want to tell you a little about them!


COJI  is a fun little robot and with the power of Duracell, your child will be interacting and learning in no time.  My son couldn’t wait to check out COJI, we quickly unscrewed the back of him and added some Duracell batteries, we always keep Duracell on hand, they last a long time and are super convenient for all of our childrens toys.


My husband downloaded the COJI app and we sat down with Dylan, turned on COJI and seen what he has to offer! COJI is a programming robot and he will teach your child teach your child the basics of programming using a language they already know: Emojis! My son knows lots of Emojis and to see the excitement on his face when we started up COJI was adorable!

Through the COJI app, he will challenge you with skill-testing games that encourage critical thinking, Dylan had so much fun stringing together smiley faces and other emojis whilst using the app and also controlling COJI.  You can also have fun with him without using the app, my daughter loves that he will react to different things and he is just a super fun toy with lots of super imaginative power!


CHiP is an absolutely adorable robot dog that our whole family loves to play with!  He comes with a ball, a charger and a wristband!  CHiP is rechargeable which is really convenient as we play with him a lot and he gets tired out!  The ball takes batteries, as usual we use Duracell to power up the ball, it’s #1 trusted brand for parents and our favorite brand to power our long imaginative play.


CHiPs little face is adorable, just look at those little robot puppy dog eyes, aren’t they cute?  CHiP can be controlled by an app and by using the wrist band, but he is also super intelligent and how you respond to him shapes his unique behavior!


CHiP isn’t just a toy, I like to think of him as a friendly pet who we all love!  We have a great dane but CHiP is a lot more well behaved and he will even respond to his name being called via some awesome voice commands!

With the Duracell powered smart ball, you can roll it and CHiP will fetch it, you can play together.  When CHiP needs some quiet time he will make his way back on his own to his charger, he is adorable with a super cute and unique personality, if you don’t want to deal with dog hair then CHiP is the next best thing!

CHiP and COJI by WowWee and the Power of Duracell will power your child’s imagination and both toys are super fun!

Both toys and Duracell Batteries are available from Toys“R”Us, Give your little ones the ultimate gift this holiday season!