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Social Media Stats (As of November 2016)

Twitter – 70K Followers

Facebook – 6,200 Likes

Pinterest – 2,200 Followers

Instagram – 9,500 Followers

Twitter Parties

With a personal reach of over 70,000 twitter followers and a wide range of great friends who also have a large twitter influence, I would love to host a twitter party and give your brand recognition, engagement and a great online event turnout.

Please contact me for a full rate sheet and more information.

Product Reviews

With over 1,000 product features on Coffee for Mom, your product and brand will get the recognition it deserves and will be introduced to thousands of people throughout the US.  We only review family friendly products and products that are a great fit for my readers.

We charge a flat rate of $150 for product reviews if product value is under $150 or a beauty or skincare related product, in addition to the product,  each product review comes with 10 days of Twitter shares and will be shared once on Instagram and Facebook!

Products sent to us will not be returned, if a product should need to be returned there is also a $150 fee no matter what the value might be.

Travel / Press Junkets / Media Event Coverage

We love to cover events, review hotels, services and restaurants! If an event is within a 1 hour drive of Spokane, WA, where I reside, tickets for the event should be provided and will receive full coverage on the blog along with social shares.

If an event is over an hour drive, in another state or country, full travel expenses, meals and full accommodation should be provided at the expense of the  expense of the company. Events will covered on the blog, social media and I will be tweeting and sharing my experience live throughout the event / stay.

For restaurant coverage, meals for two should be provided and we will cover everything from service, taste and presentation.

Gift Guides

Every year we have a new gift guides for the following:

  • Christmas
  • Valentines Day
  • Back To School
  • Summer Fun
  • Easter
  • Fathers Day
  • Mothers Day
  • Halloween
  • St Patricks Day
  • July 4th

To have your product featured and shared, the product must be sent to us or a payment of $50 per gift guide placement should be sent.

Your product will be shared with thousands and get an amazing amount of exposure!

Sponsored Posts / Website Reviews / App Reviews

If you would like me to write up an article about your app, website, product or service, $150 should be sent via paypal for the time spent researching, writing and sharing. A 50% payment should be made before we start to research your brand.

Publish a pre-written article – If you have an article written up that you would like published on Coffee for Mom, a $50 payment is required.


If you have a giveaway you would like published on coffee for mom, a $50 payment is required or the same products featured in the giveaway should be mailed to us directly as compensation.

Sidebar Ads

Your banner with a link to your website $30 / Month or $$150 / 6 months or $280 / Year

Sponsored Social Media

Tweet your message – $15 / Tweet

Facebook Post – $15

Instagram Post – $25

Some Brands we have worked with: