When my son was born, I didn’t know much about swaddling which is probably the reason he wouldn’t settle down good for the first few weeks.  One of my friends taught me about swaddling and how it keeps baby tight and cozy like they are in the womb again.  Once I learned about swaddling I never looked back and did it with both my son and daughter up until they started pulling out of the swaddle. Swaddle Blankets are a godsend for sleep, for you and your baby!


The Ollie Swaddle Blanket is super soft and comes in a beautiful little gift box which would also make it perfect for a baby shower gift!

It’s designed to decrease fussiness and help assist in self calming which is really important for a baby, I don’t believe in rocking babies to sleep, although it’s nice it becomes a habit then when you put them down they wake up and scream most of the time, that’s why self calming is important in my opinion.

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The Ollie Swaddle has a lot of elasticity which allows for a decent flow of movement and it also has a very handy opening at the bottom to allow for a quick diaper change, hopefully without disturbing baby in their sleep.

It’s designed with a custom developed moisture wicking material to stop overheating so your baby can sleep soundly and be comfortable.

The Ollie Swaddle is gorgeous, if you are preparing fot the arrival of your new baby,add this to your must have list!


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Disclosure: Sample received for review and testing purposes.