Prospurly is a monthly subscription box packed full of organic artisan-crafted goods that inspire a happy and whole life for you and your loved ones.  Items are selected to help engage your body and mind and to help you discover incredible foods, luxurious essentials and seriously fun games to share with family and friends.

The Cost – $49.95 Month


This months theme is “Bonfires & Barbecues”, I can’t think of a better theme for July because, well it’s barbecue season!  The box itself is really pretty with some nice looking paper inside it!

The Goodies


Solid Maple Wood Muddler- $24.95 Value

This is crafted with sustainable sourced maple wood and they are the perfect bar tool for summer cocktails!

I can’t say I have ever used a cocktail muddler before but I am sure this will come in handy when my cousin comes to visit next week, she loves cocktails!

wood chips

Larry’s Bag of Smoke – $5.95 Value

Larry has been hand filling his bags for 25 years, right from his home in Katy, Texas. Each bag is handpicked, handsewn and uses 100% sourced Texas woods.

We usually open u wood chips and place them directly on the grill after we soak them but with these wood chips you can soak the bag then place it directly on the grill after poking a few holes in it, we will use this next week!


Lot450 Citronella Candle Mason Jar – $16 Value

This is crafted with responsibly sourced palm wax, pesticide + herbicide free and natural soybean oil, it has a woodwick for longer burning time.

This is a pretty weird scented candle, it doesn’t have a very strong smell which is good and I will be using this to scare away those annoying mosquitos that like to eat me alive, very handy.


McFadden Farms Grilling Herbs – $5 Value

These herbs are organically grown on the family farm, they are full of flavor and made with garlic, onion, black pepper, rosemary, basil, oregano and just a touch of chili flakes.

I am excited to use these next week, they contain pretty much most of my favorite herbs and should be a hit at our barbecue!


Your Wingman Honey BBQ Sauce – $7 Value

Each bottle is crafted by hand in super small batches. Each bottle combines organic Portland ketchup, Molasses, white vinegar, local honey, dijon mustard, kosher salt and garlic.

I absolutely love honey barbecue sauce, it’s my favorite so I am excited to try this one out!


Vicara Refresh Aroma Face Mist – $12 Value

This is handmade with Oregon Lavender, Sweet Orange, Lemon, Sandalwood and Witch Hazel.

I love the light scent of this, it will work great over the next few days since it’s supposed to be 100 degrees outside.


Skin by Pom CLNS Facial Cleanser – $15 Value

Because smoky bonfires can put a lot of particulates on your face, this gentle cleanser will keep your skin clean and feeling great. Coconut and willow bark are just some of the great ingredients used in this cleanser.

We pretty much have the fire pit going every night during summer and cleanser will come in handy.

info card

Propusly also includes and information card with the details and value of each item!

I loved this box, it’s perfect for this time of year and theme is definately a winner! What do you think of Prospurly? Click Here to find out more about them or sign up!

Disclosure: This box was kindly sent to us for promotional purposes, all opinions are unbiased and no other compensation was received.