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Have you ever been hacked, got a virus on your computer or found out someone has got into your personal info through your wifi network or device? This is a problem so many people face, every time we log onto the internet we are faced with all these threats, that’s why it’s important to secure your network and the devices that you use.

CUJO is a Smart Firewall device, it plugs into your router and provides business level security across your computers, tablets and smartphones. You may have antivirus software on your computer but that’s not enough to protect other devices on the network, CUJO helps protect and secure all devices from malicious attacks, viruses and hackers.

Some of the main features include –

  •  Business-Level internet Security
  • Guards all devices
  • Parental Controls (My favorite)
  • Connect to your router and control with an app
  • Blazing Fast, Built with 1GB Ethernet

One of my favorite things about CUJO is that it acts as an all in one device, I can set parental controls and protect my devices at the same time. Here are just some of the features included in the parental control option –

  • parental controls for all devices
  •  internet filter
  • time limits
  • social media monitoring
  • pause internet
  • alerts and reporting
  • remote administration
  • user profiles and settings

And I can control all of these super convenient options from the comfort of my smartphone.  When it comes to the internet, I’m pretty savvy with the whole hacker and virus thing, I went to college and studied a lot of web development, coding and other stuff but my husband and kids aren’t as knowledgeable about how to protect their devices so CUJO is perfect for the whole family.

The CUJO App is super easy to use, once you register you can go through some tutorials then begin setting up all of your devices, like I said, you have full control of everything from the comfort of your cellphone!

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