Rain City Box is designed to let you discover new and interesting business from the North West.  Shopping local is a great way to help the community and learn a bit more about the pacific northwest.

The Cost – $34.99 Month or less with a 3 or 6 month subscription.


We just moved here to Washington State two years ago so we still have a lot to discover in Washington State and I am sad to say I haven’t even visited Seattle yet, it’s on my bucket list.  This months box is all about Cascadia, they want to highlight all the adventures that are out there!


These postcards are from John Warren Design and inspired by Mt Baker!

The Goodies


T-Shirt by Josh Warren Design

This design points towards the direction of the Pacific Northwest with the compass and the stars represent the evening skies.

I have to say, I love the artwork and the quality of the Tee is soft and feels fabolous!


Holey Keychain

This has a geometric hole punch design and can be used to hold water bottles or the bigger things which keychains can’t usually handle!  I like the design and I thought it was a dog collar or something at first look but this will come in handy for when my husband is working!


Townie Sunglasses

These shades have the Seattle skyline printed on the side.  So far this year, Townie has give over $10,000 to charity, a portion of their proceeds go to a non profit in that area.

My husbands best friend goes to Seattle a lot, he is a huge seahawks fan so he will love these!


Get Movin Snack Crackers

These are made with fresh roasted garlic, have no preservatives and are all natural.  I haven’t tried these yet but anything with garlic should be awesome!


Keep it real Food Co. Seed & Nut Bar

These delicious bars will give you a long lasting boost without the sugar high.  I tried this right away and it’s surprisingly really good!  My husband loved the cinnamon taste.


There was also an information card included about this months theme and lists the brands that are included in the box.


I always love when subscription boxes include a T-Shirt and when they are good quality it’s even better!  This months box was so much fun to check out and it was nice to learn a little more about the state I reside in.

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Disclosure: This box was kindly sent to us for promotional purposes, all opinions are unbiased and no other compensation was received.