The RECARO Performance Ride is the ultimate car seat designed for safety, comfort and style.  When I look into buying a car seat, quality and safety is always the first thing I look for.

I also like to choose a car seat that will adjust with my baby as she grows, from rear facing to forward facing, the RECARO Performance Ride has all of these wonderful features!

When I got a chance to review the Performance Ride, I jumped at the chance!

RECARO has been making history for over 100 years and is one of the best known seat manufacturers in the world.

RECARO not only makes car seats, they make Aircraft seats, Race Car seats and more, they have won numerous awards and their products are of the highest quality on the market.

When building a product, RECARO doesn’t just focus on what they are creating, they focus on movements, anatomy and physiology of the human body and even use scientific research to create the perfect product.

RECARO performance Ride

One of my favorite things about the RECARO Performance Ride is the easy to use quickpull front adjust harness.  When my son was born I had to adjust the seat from the back which was a complete pain and the first thing I look for in a car seat now is that quickpull harness at the front!


The quickpull harness is so easy to use and adjust, it makes life so much easier and allows for a no hassle harness adjustment.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality and design of the quickpull harness, if it’s too tight it takes about a second to adjust, if it’s too lose, just tighten it up with a pull!

Impact Protection

The car seat is designed for side impact protection which means if your car was to be hit on the side your childs head, face, neck, torso and pelvis would have distinct protection against those 5 vulnerable areas.

I think this is extremely important in choosing a car seat, you always want your child to be safe, accidents can happen any time and with the RECARO Performance Ride I have a much better peace of mind.


EasyAdjust 5 Point Harness


I believe all child car seats should have a 5 point harness, not just for ease of use but for safety!  The Performance Ride 5 point harness and head restraint are both are both adjusted together, making it easier to use with no re-threading so you can properly position the harness shoulder straps to suit your child.

SoftTouch Head Restraint

321We just took a vacation in the Cascade Mountains near Stevens Pass, WA and this head restraint is a must have for long trips, not just for safety, but for comfort.  If you are driving for 300 miles with a baby in the car, you want them to be as comfortable as possible, which means less crying and more smiling!  I love how soft the head restraint is and Sophia looked super comfy.

The head restraint is padded with real automotive PUR (Poleyurethane) foam and provides the added safety and comfort.  It is also easy to adjust with just the turn of a knob so you can position it to fit your child perfectly for the utmost safety and comfort.

Rear Facing and Forward Facing

If you are using the performance ride as a rear facing seat it can accommodate children from 5 – 40 pounds.  When you switch the car seat around it can accommodate children that weigh from 20 to 65 pounds.  The infant insert is also removable.  Children up to 49 inches tall can use the Performance Ride!

Sophia is only 7 months old right now and rides rear facing, I recommend using the car seat rear facing for as long as you possibly can.

Rear facing supports your child’s head, neck, and back much better if an accident were to occur.

The car seat also adjusts so it can be leaned back and your child will feel comfortable, it’s also good if you have a certain type of car which only has a limited amount of space as the RECARO Performance Ride is a very large and extremely comfortable seat!


When your child is old enough, there is also a place for a sippy cup and they can set it down in the cup holder once they are finished!

The car seat also features visible one of a kind racing inspired stripes that will alert you when the harness is not properly aligned.

Overall Thoughts

This has to be the best car seat I have ever used, from comfort to safety, this exceeds my expectations and I would recommend RECARO to anyone looking for a safe comfortable ride for their child.  My favorite thing about the RECARO Performance Ride has to be the quickpull harness, it is super easy to use and extremely safe.

The material that makes up the car seat cover is fantastic for summer, your child will not get hot or sweaty sitting in the Performance Ride, the material is beautifully soft, durable and cool.


RECARO Car Seats are sold at stores such as Toys R Us and are available in a range of different colors, you can also purchase directly from Amazon Click Here!  You can also check out the recaro website, click on the “Where to Buy” section for more information!


RECARO can also be found on Twitter and Facebook, connect with them for news, updates and more!


RECARO has kindly offered to give one of my blog readers a chance to win one of their amazing Performance Ride Car Seats in the same Marine color shown in my review!

Enter Below, Open to US residents.

Disclosure: I was sent products for the purpose of a review, regardless all opinions stated are 100% my own.