Alegria Shoes launched in 2008, they are known for whimsical yet ‘custom’ fit footwear.  Alegria shoes are designed for those with an active lifestyle and are favored by parents, teachers, stylists, nurses, chefs and others who spend long days on their feet.

Special features incorporated into the design of each shoe help to reduce stress on muscles and joints, encourage proper posture and provide proper arch support.

Alegria means joy and happiness in Spanish and the bright, unique patterns also provide the added bonus of ‘color therapy’ that help to enhance one’s mood.


The Carina Cathedral Thong Sandal was just one of my favorites out of many beautiful and whimsical shoes.  It was the design, detail and beautiful colors that caught my eye and I just couldn’t resist checking out this beautiful pair of sandals.


The design on these shoes have a beautiful Mosaic type pattern that looks beautiful and summery and the material has a suede like feel, it’s luxurious.


The shoes feature a hand sewn leather lining with superior art support and when I wear shoes I like them to be pretty all round, the butterfly and hand sewn features make these shoes extra pretty!


The bottom of the shoes also have a pretty butterfly design!  The heel height and platform height is ¼ in which makes them not too high for me as I am 5’5 and when I wear very larges heels I feel like a giant!


Another feature I love is the Velcro strap, it means I can tighten them or loosen them up to however my feet feel comfy, right now they are a bit swollen thanks to pregnancy so I am pretty much loving adjustable straps.  I also adore the gold foil detail on the inside.


These sandals also have a cork, memory foam and latex loaded footbed which helps create the perfect fir by forming to the natural contour of the foot.  The mild rocker outsole is engineered to roll naturally to encourage proper posture.

I can’t say enough good things about Alegria shoes and I can’t even begin to explain how comfy and versatile they are on my feet.


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Disclosure: Sample provided for testing and review purposes.