A crystal clear mirror on the front. The back is covered with the most advanced boat and race car wrap material available. This wrap material can withstand conditions much harsher than in your shower such as 150+ MPH winds mixed with water and road debris. Will it hold up in your shower? Absolutely and typically it will last for years.

This also includes a stainless steel hook so you can hang it from the shower and comes in a microfiber travel bag, it takes the frameless shower mirror to a new level of durability and it is easy to transport on vacations etc.

I really like this mirror, my husband wonders why  I want a mirror while I am in the shower, I’m a female, we love mirrors.  If used right this doesn’t steam up, it’s easy to wipe the water off and it does in fact give a bright clear view.


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Disclosure: Sample provided for review and testing.