Disclosure: Reggie Box kindly sent me a box to review, regardless all opinions stated are 100% my own.


Website – www.reggiebox.com / Price – $30 Month or less with a 6 or 12 month subscription

Reggie known as Reginald Regington serves as the Reggie Box Mascot, he is a fun loving adventurous pooch and embodies the awesome community of Reggie dogs!

Reggie Box is a monthly subscription box service that is hand filled with 4 to 6 treats for your fun loving pooch every month!  The treats and toys are hand chosen specifically for the size of your dog, all of the treats are made in the USA.

When you sign up for Reggie Box the first thing you do is choose the size of your dog.

There are 3 different options – Small 0 – 20lb, Medium 20 – 50lb and Large 50lb +


I love the little Reggie mascot on the front of the box, so cute!  When my son saw it he said “Box for Doggy?”!


When I opened the box there is some cool looking wrapping paper and inside are all the treats!

The Goodies!


Petrageous Designs Teddy The Turtle

This is a cute, durable turtle toy, it’s made with polyester, filled with polyester and hemmed with a twill around the seams.  This toy squeaks when you press his back and tummy, super cute and very well made and buddy really likes carrying him in his mouth and throwing him around the garden!


Teddy the Turtle looks a little scared, but luckily he is well made so I don’t think Buddy will chew him up easily!

IMG_1447Petrageous Designs Snake Toy (I think this is a snake)

I couldn’t find this online, but it is super soft and has no filling, the head squeaks really loud which I am sure Buddy will be super excited about!

IMG_1443Ryans Bakery 8oz Healthy Dog Treats Peanut Butter $9.50 Value!

These treats are full of protein and vitamin E and are made with applesauce, peanut butter and whole wheat flour.  Ryans bakery is dedicated to creating all natural dog treats that even you would love just as much as your pet!


You can see the love right there!  We gave Buddy a few of these to try out and he ate them in a few seconds!


Tug O Rope $11.99 Value!

This is made with durable, high quality materials and promotes healthy teeth and gums. It is machine washable and great for playing fetch! Buddy doesn’t really tig on things but he loves when I throw toys and he fetches them so this will work great as another fetch toy!


Cinna-nom-nom Buns $2.50 Value!

These are handmade with whole wheat flour, eggs, water and oil to make the perfect dough, then they are hand rolled and drizzled with honey!  They are then sprinkled with a special cinnamon spice, baked fresh and ready for your dog!  I gave Buddy a couple of these too and they were gone in seconds, obviously a hit for my furry dude!


Loving Pets Chicken with Peas and Carrots $6 Value!

These are 100% natural and contain no Glycerin, gluten, soy or wheat.  I haven’t opened these yet but I know Buddy will swallow these down too!


Just from the items I got a price tag on I got around a $30 Value, then throw in the stuff I couldn’t find a price tag on, for a quality dog toy you like the turtle you would normally pay around $10 so I am estimating the Value of this box at around $50 give or take, this is a great value!

I like that both snacks and toys are included, when your dog constantly chews on toys a new set every month works out good!  I like that all the treats are made in the USA and some of them are from small businesses which is super!

You can tell this box has been curated with love and care and thought out perfectly and Reggie Box is a winner!


If you want to find out more of sign your furry friend up Click Here!


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