My husband has suffered from back pain for the last 8 years, we have been through so many mattresses that either work out great in the beginning then start to sag or just don’t work for him at all.  I recently tried out The RiteBed, we have had it for a couple of weeks now and it’s still working out good, it’s firm enough for him and soft enough for me.  My review is from the last two weeks, but I may update on the progress of this mattress in a couple of months once it’s been slept on for a while as that’s the only way to really see how a mattress holds up.

The RiteBed Hybrid has 6 layers to it, each layer does something different and helps make the mattress what it is and helps with pressure relief.

The Rite Touch Cover – The cover uses Feran Ice® technology and quickly wicks moisture away from your body.  I don’t really sweat at night but I do get too hot, this isn’t the coolest mattress but paired with bamboo sheets it’s keeps me from getting too warm which is great!

Conform Memory Foam Layer – This contours your body for proper spinal alignment whilst relieving pressure to reduce tossing and turning throughout the night.

Gel Latex Layer – This absorbs heat for a cool and undisturbed sleep.

RiteTemp Foam – This works with the top layers and spacer panel to promote airflow and temperature regulation.

RiteCoil – The combi zone core features strategically placed comfort zones for hip back and shoulder support whilst the quantum edge reduces roll off to deliver a consistent sleeping surface.

Spacer Panel – This creates a border up to 10 times more breathable than 2 dimensional fabrics.

(Updated june 17th 2017)  When we first slept on the mattress it was great for my husband and I, after having this mattress for over a month it’s started to soften up even more.  I still find it comfortable but my husband find that it’s now too soft for him, only a firm mattress will help with back pain if it stays firm.  The cooling effect is still working and I find that it gives me just the right amount of support for a good nights sleep.

The mattress sinks a few inches when we lay down which is also good for me and gives me that comfortable cradled feeling that I like when I fall asleep.  I haven’t noticed my sleep patterns changing but then again I am a a good sleeper.

My husband still tosses and turns at night but that’s the norm, I can still feel him moving around which is wakes me up at night and that’s not good either.

I would recommend the RiteBed for anyone who loves that feeling of being cradled and sleeping on a softer mattress.

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