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Robb Vices is a carefully curate subscription box that features a selection incredible hand-picked products that have been curated for your enjoyment.  Boxes include products like exceptional wines and spirits to enjoy, foods to taste, tools, toys, accessories, and gadgets that are worthy of your ownership.


This is for the individuals who care about why something is considered great, want to discover the story behind it, and share what they have with those who matter to them.

The Cost – $74.95 / Month or as low as $59.95 / Month with a 12 month subscription.

The box arrived in perfect condition, shipped inside another box, it also has a handle to carry the box which is good because it’s quite heavy, but heavy is always good!  I have heard about Robb Vices before and seen reviews on other websites and their boxes are always amazing.


A Look Inside the Box



Sommer House Granola $24.00 Value

Founded by Jennifer Sommer, she has a background for great taste and spent years developing her recipe!  This granola calls for organic rolled oats, pistachios sourced from California, virgin coconut oil, organic maple syrup, tart cherries and a hint of salt.

Personally I think this granola tasted great, I love the added pistachios and the maple syrup gives a lovely light sweetness! I love the packaging too, it feels and tastes like a high end food product, you can tell a lot of thought has went into making this! I wouldn’t normally pay a lot for granola but this is something I think would make for a good treat now and then and a special gift!

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Soto Sake $41.99 Value

From northern Japan, SOTO means “outside” in Japanese and is a celebration of earths purest elements brought together to make this premium quality all natural drink!  Finely polished rice and pristine mountain water.

This would be a gorgeous addition to a candlelit dinner part and I am excited to try this out, it will definitely be kept for a special occasion!

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Braven HD Bluetooth Speaker $150 Value

This mighty speaker is only the beginning, it has a ton of accessories you can add to it to make it the ultimate outdoor speaker like an action mount, glow deck, solar panels and more! This speaker is adventure ready no matter where you go!

Personally I think this speaker is extremely versatile, it would be great for travel, I love that you can add more accessories to it and with the option of adding a solar panel, well that makes it very unique!  I will be giving this amazing speaker away at the end of the post so keep reading!


Epic Provisions Venison Sea Salt Pepper Bar

My husband opened this up right away and LOVED it, he said it reminds him of slim jims but it was much tastier.  The company is devoted to creating gluten free, meat-based protein bars that combine natural flavors like mint, seasalt, almonds and other things! The company humanely raises all of their animals in open pastures.

Robb Vices also includes a very detailed information booklet that tells you a little about each company and product, it also features exclusive interview questions with the makers! This months box was all about encouraging you to go outside and create a place of your own, I think the items fit the theme very well!

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This was my first Robb Vices Subscription box and I am blow away at the curation and the value is more than DOUBLE the cost of the box.  I feel like everything is tastefully selected and curated to make the perfect theme and give you a taste of some good stuff!

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