Robot Turtles is the most backed game in the history of Kickstarter and sneakily teaches preschoolers the fundamentals of programming, from coding to functions, whilst making silly turtle noises, and making your child laugh!


Robot Turtles only takes seconds to learn but provides hours of fun for you and your little one! The game itself only takes a few minutes to play but your child will want to play it over and over again!  The game provides endless learnign opportunities and by the time your little one can use a computer they will be writing games and not just playing them!IMG_1227

The game itself comes with different cards, a colorful instruction booklet and box with slots to store all of your playing cards inside.


Players start on their side of the boards and work their way to collect the correct color of card!  There is no losers in Robot Turtles, only winners, once you reach your card, you win and everyone else keeps on playing until they win too!

There are also other cards included that are used as “Obstacles”, these can stop the turtles progress along the way!

Your child choose a direction to move the turtle and you move it for them whilst making little cute turtle noises, the ones we used sounded more like that guy “What the fox say” but my son was in fits of giggles!


Funnily enough my favorite part about the game is the playing cards, they are so pretty!  Especially the turtle ones, they have little gold bits and are very bright and colorful!

Each Game includes the following –

  • Game Board
  • 4 Robot Turtle Tiles
  • 4 Jewel Tiles
  • 36 Obstacle Tiles
  • 4 Bug Tiles
  • 4 Code Card Decks

My Final Thoughts

As a web designer and someone who knows how to code (not games, but coding website etc.) I can see why this game was backed so good!

Learning to code is hard, no matter what you are coding or what kind of code you are learning!  Web designers and Game developers make lots of money and if my son were to grow up and make video games that would be a totally fun and awesome job, but of course he will be whatever he likes!

The game itself is fun and hilarious for your child, they are learning whilst having fun which is the best way!

This game is recommended for children ages 4 and up.


Want to check out the game for yourself? You can purchase from Amazon or  Robot Turtles also has a super fun interactive storybook Click Here to check it out!


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