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Confession time, there are three things that I have a serious addiction to, Coffee, Soda and Online Shopping!  First of all, let me say, I only drink diet soda, so don’t be too worried, secondly, I have cut down to two (maybe three) coffees per day, whereas I used to drink 4 or 5 so I am proud to say I am not quite as addicted as I once was!  One thing that I will always love is online shopping, there is just something about sitting down on my laptop, browsing through stuff for hours and having the thrill of being able to buy stuff right from the comfort of my own home!

I have shopped with quite a few times and they have so many cool things that you can buy, they don’t just sell diapers, they sell lots of things like toys, Halloween costumes, food, baby wipes, baby gear and even COFFEE!


My most recent order shipped at just the right time, I was fresh out of baby wipes and only had 2 diapers left, then around 6pm my box was delivered right to my door.  My 1 year old is just starting on Sippy Cups so I ordered him some Munchkin ones and my 5 year old eats a peanut butter sandwich and pretzels every day at school so I ordered his favorite peanut butter and a huge bag of pretzel bites!

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My kids get a bath or shower every day so I am always running out of baby shampoo, I ordered some baby wash and hair wash so I am a little better stocked up!

I actually had no idea that sold coffee as I hadn’t ventured that far into their website before, so, when I saw Starbucks K Cups I had to grab some, moms need coffee right?


Here is a full list of everything I ordered and it all came in at around around $90 after using my 20% OFF Coupon, score right?  I got to order lots of household essentials from one place and have them all delivered to me!

If you want to check out the products for yourself, here is where you can see them – is so convenient for me as a mom and it was especially convenient when I was a new mom with a newborn, those first few months with a newborn are crazy, no sleep and when you go to the store they cry (unless you have one of those magical babies who sleep at stores hah!).

unnamed-4 offers FREE shipping with orders over $49!  If you are a new buyer at you can also use these offers and save some cash!

  • First order: 20% off your order* plus extra $5 off with a case of diapers with coupon code TRYUSLOVEUS (Expires 12/31/2016} Excludes diapers, wipes and formula. Brand exclusions apply. Max. discount $35. Offer subject to change and cancellation.
  • Second order: Get 10% off your entire second order!! **Discount will auto-apply in about 24 hours to use on second order. Brand exclusions apply. Max discount $50. Offer subject to change and cancellation.

Diapers,com has absolutely everything you need AND more so you can have fun while you shop for your essentials and maybe pick up a good deal or two!

Click Here to visit and don’t forget to use the 20% OFF Coupon code if you are a new customer!