We pay around $120 per month in my house for cable, which we are told is a great deal because we get over 200 channels, but is it really a good deal?  Out of those 200 channels we get each month we maybe watch around 10 to 15 of those and in my opinion it defeats the purpose of the deal.

10Channels.com is emerging as the industry leader matching users with the right TV service based on requested channels. They have spent months researching and developing a platform that will allow you to choose the best cable and satellite providers in your area based on the channels you watch and the features you use such as DVR, High Defenition etc. saving you money and giving you the best deal.

Here is how it works…

First of all you search for the channels that you watch most, select and use the filter so you can narrow everything down.

1Once you are happy with your choices head onto the next option and choose the features and devices you use.


There are lots of options, we pretty much use all of these devices and high definition, Live TV can get really expensive! Next select the streaming services you use then your current provider.

When you get to the next page you will be presented with lots of different options and you can choose from video service only or a bundled package.

unnamed10Channels.com not only saves you time shopping around but it provides you with the tools needed to compare and save you money from the comfort of your own home.  If I could save over $558 per year on my cable provider that means I have $558 extra to spend or save every year!

Watch this quick video to learn some more!

The average user of 10Channels.com saves around $50 per month, the site is completely free to use!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written on behalf of 10Channels.