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Home Security is a MUST for us, having young kids means you should have a secure home, we live in a nice area but there is always that chance your home may be a target (especially if it looks like you have a lot of money!).  When we first moved into our home we didn’t have security then one day we noticed a guy looking around in our front yard, he went as far as to lightly knock on the glass at the side of our front door and walk away.  My husband asked him what he was doing and he didn’t have a very good answer, ever since then we’ve made the smart decision to secure out home.

We recently just upgraded our security system to the Samsung and ADT Smart Home Security Kit and I’ve found that it’s a great choice for out own peace of mind and making our home safe.  I like to feel safe and know that any break ins will be monitored immediately and the police will be called if necessary!

Set Up

The ADT Home Security Starter Kit comes with everything you need to start making your home more secure and hopefully less of a target!  It comes packaged with the ADT Security Hub, Window Detectors, Motion Detector and Door Detectors.  I was really surprised at how easy the install and set up was, we had no problems setting everything up and everything came with extremely detailed instructions.

The security HUB has a large control screen, you just need to tap on it and you can see everything on screen (even the weather once it’s set up!). It comes with a plug so you can plug it into the wall or you can add batteries, whichever option works best for you.  It has a built in siren, cellular back up and works with the Smart Things app that you can install to your smartphones and tablets.  The app lets you control everything and you can download it from the app store and google play.

Once we installed the security hub which took about 5 minutes, we then installed the motion detector along with the door and window detectors, those are easy to install too, it took us about 10 minutes after deciding where we wanted to place everything (note: those pesky elves seem to bypass everything!).  We placed the detectors in the areas that will most likely be accessed by anyone trying to break in and the motion detector where someone is most likely to walk and be caught.

The detectors can also detect floods, fires and more, you can also use them without ADT but I completely recommend securing your home with them for that extra security and peace of mind.

After you set up all of your detectors and the HUB, the next step is to set up ADT Home Monitoring Service (As I mentioned before the security system will work without ADT), but for that extra peace of mind and 24 hour home monitoring services I recommend setting up and securing your home with ADT, if someone attempts to break in, the police will be called by them.

With ADT you don’t have to sign a long term contract and you can tailor the package to meet your needs!

Smart Things App

I found the Smart Things App easy to use, it not only helps you control your security system but it will help smarten things up around the house like light bulbs, thermostats, locks on your doors and much more!  Both my husband and I have the app installed on our phone and it saves us alot of time and energy and gives us that peace of mind knowing that our house is secured and we can MONITOR everything that goes on.


Right now you can save $50 with the purchase of the ADT Security Starter Pack PLUS get free Geek Squad set up! That’s one amazing deal if you ask me!

There are also lots of extras you can add to your home through Samsung and ADT, your best bet is to check out all of the options that are available and find out just how many windows and doors in your home need secured (Just in case you need a few extra).

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