Meet LOU, Pixars funny and super cute new short that will be shown before Cars 3 in theaters which has just opened today!

LOU is adorable and a little but troublesome but in this touching short you will see what Pixar have put together, not to spoil it for you but it’s something that fits in perfectly and graphic wise it’s as amazing as you would expect from Pixar.

Check out this short clip of LOU!

We were very fortunate to talk to Dave Mullins, the creative behind LOU.

Pixar films have very specific ingredients. Pixar films have heart, entertainment, setting and animation. Heart meaning the main characters flawed and experiences personal growth. Entertainment meaning the story has to be unpredictable and funny. Setting meaning the film needs to transport the viewer or audience to some place that is exciting and new and animation meaning the film must be called to be animated and must use animation’s full potential. – Dave Mullins

When Dave was a kid he moved around a lot, it made him feel invisible, like he was at the end of the dock, being the new kid and all that. He thought about his experience and that is how he came up with LOU, an invisible character who longed to be accepted.

First the creature was a thief, and he wasn’t really that likeable. I wanted a character that you could root for, that the audience could get behind. The second was that it was a little boy underneath all of the stolen stuff and that was just a little too complicated, which made him a little less appealing to me. So I went back to the drawing board and I rethought the character but I kept that core idea. A creature that could hide in plain sight at a school and a character that wanted to be accepted. And this time, the pile of toys was literally the lost and found box at the school. I followed one of John Lassetter’s rules about bringing inanimate objects to life. – Dave Mullins

When there is a thoughtful and personal story behind the making of movies and shorts, this make it a whole lot more relataeble to people but it’s also got some great humor and personality added into the story and you will have to check out the new Cars 3 Movie to see the whole thing!

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