Disclosure: A huge thank you to CVS for providing samples, all opinions are my own.

If there is one thing I love about CVS, it’s the ability to head in store and pick up various types of holiday gifts for the whole family!  They have gifts for kids, adults, grandmas and pretty much everyone, all of your gifting ideas can be purchased at an amazing price in one store!

Gifts For Kids


Draw Jammies

CVS has a wide range of gifts for kids, they also have lots of “As seen on TV” products!  What child doesn’t love drawing on clothes?  It’s not great when they draw on clothes they wear every day, especially when it doesn’t wash off, now your kids can draw on these fun washable PJ’s!  The set includes Scented color markers, stencil sheets. Magic Glow Pens and a set of pajamas that can be drawn on washed, then your kids can draw on them again and again!


Fisher Price Musical Band Drumset

This would make a perfect gift for a toddler learning to play some cool music!  It includes 7 instruments, they all come inside the drum, then once your child is finished creating music the toys can be stored back inside the drum!  Their is a rattle, tambourine, maracas and more inside this nifty set!


Bath Gift Sets

For him and her!  Who doesn’t love to sit back, relax and soak up some great scented bath products?  This set comes with everything you need for a night of pampering including a Body Scrub, Bath Soap, Sponge, Bath Salts, Moisturizing lotion and more!  You also get a handy bag to store everything inside and it looks super pretty in your bathroom!  At only $9.99 who needs an expensive trip to a spa?  This has everything you need!


Perfume Sets

CVS has lots of different perfume sets that both young and older people will love, there is an amazing variety to choose from!  Most perfume sets that I have seen come with a body wash and lotion plus the beautiful bottle!  There is something for everyone!

CVS has lots of different gifts, from kitchen appliances to headsets!  Visit your local CVS over the holidays and pick up some great gifts at fantastic prices!