Disclosure: I received product samples in return for a review. Regardless all opinions stated are 100% my own.

SmartMax has a wide range of toys especially designed for kids to have fun playing with magnetic toys the safe way!

SmartMax has thought of everything, all of the toy parts are larger than 3cm so you don’t need to worry about your child swallowing or trying to eat any of the parts!  Everything is made from high quality, strong materials which means if your kid is like my kid and likes to throw his toys around the room every now and then, they won’t break into a million pieces!

If your child is 2 – 5 years old they may find building some of the following easy and fun!



If your child is 5 – 19 years old they can explore with larger creations like the ones below!


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Factory with Car

Not only is this a fun toy, It’s a super cool toy and Dylan loved playing with the magnets!

IMG_0562It came shipped in a big box which was probably almost the size of Dylan!

With the SmartMax Factory with Car your child can build their own own ball factory and load their truck with magnetic balls!

IMG_0569You can build so many different shapes with everything, we made this so that you would have to push the ball down fast and try and land it in the back of the truck!

IMG_0573Dylan loved the little truck that came with the set too, He had magnets attached to both ends at one point and was rolling it along the floor pretending they were boulders! He usually gets mad when his toys come apart and he can’t put them back together and the magnets made it super easy for him to re attach them!

If you want to play with this the original way, it will look like this photo to the right! SMX403-Factory-with-car-(boy)

You basically set it up as a tube, drop the ball inside and it will land directly in the back of the truck, cool huh?

Each part of SmartMax magnetic toys can be combined with other parts to make endless creations too, so if you purchase one box, then another you can combine the two to make whatever you like!

Dylan’s dad put together most of tunnel since Dylan is still a bit young, but he had fun helping him and trying to catch the ball in the back of the truck!


Included in this box is 9 metal balls, 1 sturdy wheel pair, 1 sturdy wheel pair with eyes, 3 long bars, 4 medium bars, 1 Blue straight tube, 2 curved tubes,  1 yellow container, 1 yellow cabin, 2 x bars,  2 panels with holes, 1 yellow container and 1 yellow cabin.  So much stuff to play around and create things with, I like it!

It’s great that you have to put the truck together, it makes it a lot more fun and provides a little learning too!

Overall I really like that everything is magnetic, you really do not see many toys like this, they are super fun and a great way for kids to learn and be creative!


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