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Soaking up the fun with Zuru Bunch O Balloons! #HolidayGiftIdea


Have you seen that commercial that is all over the place right now? That’s right the water balloons that everyone wants to try out!


Zuru Bunch O Ballons was a Kickstarter success, the product was invented by a dad from Texas to put an end to the age old struggle of tying water balloons together, personally that’s what bugs me about water balloons, you gotta tie em’.

We had a lot of fun with Zuru, they even include a separate nozzle for different types of hoses.  The balloons are said to fill up in about 60 seconds but they filled up within about 15 seconds for us and they were so much fun!

Zuru Bunch O Balloons uses the latest O-Ring technology which makes the baloons self tie once filled.  They then pop off onto the ground.  A couple of ours burst but that’s no biggie since you get 100 of them! We had a blast!


Click Here to check out Zuru Bunch O Balloons!


Disclosure: Coffee for Mom received a PR sample to test out.

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