Disclosure: Space  Scouts kindly sent me this box to review. Regardless all opinions stated are 100% my own. 1 Website – www.atcssc.com

Price – $11.95 Month and $3 Shipping

Space Scouts is a brand new subscription box for kids aged 6+.  Roxy and Jet will guide your child through the solar system on an exciting educational adventure!

The first month of Space Scouts contains this awesome lunch box for your little one to carry around and store their cool adventures in!

Each month there will be a new magnet to stick on the lunch box, a new constellation to add to the constellation card start up kit that is included in the first months box, a monthly exploration sticker, an exploration plan, puzzles, games, activities and more! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Dylan could not WAIT to get his hands on the lunch box, he loves little tin boxes and loves to put all his stuff in them!  He knew there were goodies inside the box and that was a really cool surprise!

The Cool Stuff! – Month 1


Wikki Stix

I have never heard of these things before or used them, they are SUPER cool and you can pretty much create anything you like!

As you can see dylan looks super cute and silly, we made glasses! There are quite a few stix included and an instruction piece of paper that lets your child know how to make different things such as a stickman! pz


Puzzles are always fun for kids and a great way to learn!  I have a big box where I keep all the puzzles we get so Dylan can do them when he is older! asdad

Space Stickers Scramble

This was fun!  Dylan may only be 3 and a half but he can count to around 30, he knew he had to match the numbers with the stickers and it was a fun learning experience for him!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAConstellation Collection

This is pretty cool!  Each month you will get a different constellation to add to the keying and your child can learn about each one! The constellation shown here is from month 2!



Space Map

I didn’t get the full thing in here, it’s huge!  But there is a cute little rocket and there are also stickers included with faces to add to the windows in the 2nd months box!

Month 2


Month 2 included stickers, magnets, puzzles, a cool toy, space men and a constellation!  Dylan had so much fun with everything, see the pictures below!


The thing I love most about Space Scouts is that it’s affordable and is such a well curated box!  This box is recommended for kids aged 6 + but I think you are never too young to learn about the universe and Dylan understood most of the task which was great!

I love that there are also toys included, kids love toys and it makes learning so much fun!

The little lunch box is adorable, Dylan has actually been storing his cars inside it, creative huh?

What do you think about Space Scouts?  Learning about the universe whilst having fun sounds good to me!

If you would like to read more or sign up for Space Scouts Click Here!