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My almost 6 year old son Dylan has suffered from seasonal allergies for as long as I can remember.  When he was around 2 years old, we moved from Tennessee to Washington state, he was used to the heat and humidity down south but he did have allergies throughout the year.  When we moved up to Washington, his allergies seemed to get worse. His pediatrician said it may be because of all the trees up here and the pollen that is usually in the air.  

His allergies seem to be seasonal, Spring and Summer are the worst. His allergies are luckily not severe, but he does tend to get a cough and a runny nose that comes and goes throughout those two seasons and it really affects his everyday life.

I tried using humidifiers, dehumifiers and other things his pediatrician suggested but nothing really helped that much, he would still have the same symptoms and I ended up keeping him inside a lot of the time which I really didn’t want to do. In the Spring and Summer seasons he should be outdoors, playing with his friends and doing normal kid activities without having to deal with allergies, so I started giving him Children’s Claritin®, he was over the age of 2 by then and I wanted to try something different.


I wanted to see my son outside, enjoying life, not feeling drowsy, and Claritin has worked great for him. Whenever his allergy symptoms pop up we use it.  Now that he has started school his allergies are under control, he has been doing great, making new friends, playing outside and learning a lot of new things without his allergies holding him back. He is full of energy and is absolutely loving life.  

Do you have a child who suffers from allergies?  Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between allergies and something else. I had trouble with this when my son was younger, sometimes I would think he had a cold but it would be his allergies kicking in.  The Smart Allergy Mom™ Toolkit by the makers of Children’s Claritin is filled with great information that will help you understand and manage allergies, it also has a very useful allergy forecaster that can help you track the pollen count in your area.


As I mentioned before, sometimes it’s hard to figure out if your child has a cold or if it’s allergies. The Smart Allergy Mom™ Toolkit also has great information to help you better understand the difference between the two.  The website can also help you with prep questions about allergies that you might want to ask your pediatrician and can help you learn a lot more about outdoor seasonal and indoor year round allergies.


Children’s Claritin is the #1 Pediatrician Recommended Non-Drowsy Oral Allergy Brand for kids aged 2+ and it provides non-drowsy, 24 hour allergy relief for runny noses, sneezing, itchy, watery eyes and itchy nose or throat symptoms!

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