Capresso Iced Tea MakerThe Capresso Iced Tea Maker is the easiest way to make delicious Iced Tea, it’s so simple and it comes out tasting super delicious.  You can also adjust the strength of your tea with the sliding flavor enhancer at the top, that way if you don’t want it to be overpowering then you have that option!

There is a removable filter so if you want to use loose tea, you can, I tested it out with some loose leaf tea and it worked great, no tea ended up in the glass pitcher!

You can add fresh or frozen fruit to the pitcher which makes it even tastier and there is a lid to place over the pitcher once your tea is ready so you can store it.


It is also dishwasher safe and contains a removable filter and water tank so it is really easy to clean, one thing I don’t like about some tea and coffee machines is that they take a while to clean, this is easy.

It has an automatic shut off and can also be used to prepare iced coffee, included with the iced tea maker is also a book filled with 18 super tasty recipes!


We filled the pitcher with ice to the fill line and added some water, then we started up the machine once everything was set up, overall it took about 5 minutes from start to finish to fill up the pitcher.


We gave it a little stir then added it to the refrigerator, we also added some sugar which didn’t blend in very well, I would recommend boiling some water in a pot beforehand, adding sugar then wait until the water cools right down and add it to the pitcher, that way it blends in good!

Overall this is a wonderful iced tea maker and makes life easier for me which is a plus, my husband loves sweet tea and I love flavored iced tea and this makes a great cup!


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