Fricaine is a celebration of humanity and the special fabrics that are essential parts of identities worldwide.  Their products are globally sourced from exotic fabrics and redesigned to create well crafted, authentic, custom made durable handbags.

When I first visited their website the first thing I noticed is how beautifully made each bag looks and the gorgeous patterns and detail that is put into each and every product.


The Fricaine Lagosian Satchel Bag has an alluring, sophisticated and exotic look, it’s absolutely stunning and since I wear mostly neutral colors every day I find this to be the perfect accessory to brighten up my every day outfit and add a touch of classic style!


The bag comes with with two straps so you can carry it around which is usually my proffered choice but it also comes with alarge strap that you can attach to carry it on your shoulder, which makes it especially useful if you have kids and are using it for more than just your own handbag essentials such as baby bottles etc.


On the bottom of the bag there are 4 gold colored small stands, so when you place your bag down the bottom doesn’t pick up dirt.  I love the mosaic collage type pattern, it’s very whimsical and has has a very high quality look about it.


There is one pocket on the front which I like to keep my keys in, that way they don’t get lost with the rest of my things.  Inside there is a pocket on one side which is pretty large, I like to use it for my wallet and safekeeping other important things, on the other side there are two pockets where you can hold your phone and maybe a glasses case or some other essentials.


In the middle there is a large pocket that is perfect for holding larger items like a make up bag, notebook or something you need quick access to.

The inside of the bag is pretty large, if you have kids and need to take diapers and wipes around with you then it’s the perfect size to store some of those!

The bag is made from high quality synthetic leather meshes and the body is 100% cotton and made using special printing technology, the lining is also custom made and all hardware is forged with real custom gold plated material.

Am I in love with this bag? Yes! It’s stunning and much nicer than my everyday bag that I normally carry around, it has fast become my new favorite, the patterns are beautiful, the material is lush and it lives and breathes style.


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Disclosure: Sample Provided for review and testing purposes.