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Sudsy Box is my favorite soap subscription box, everything is fresh, handmade and you can smell these luscious handmade soaps before you even open up the box!

Sudsy Box is a Bi-Monthly handmade soap subscription from Heidi’s Artisan Soaps, every 2 months you will receive a box with 3 different soap products and a little extra surprise is also included!

Each soap also comes wrapped up in a nice little wrapper that can also be planted and will grow wild flowers!

IMG_2872There is also a detailed information card included, this months box is about fall!

The Soaps


Orange Cocoa Spice

This bar is made with clove essential oils with 100% orange and cocoa and you get an amazing swirled bar of awesome!

I love the look of this soap, it’s gorgeous but the smell was a bit too strong for me, fortunately my husband loves it so this will be his bar of soap for fall!


Cedarwood Lavender Soap

This soap has a soft woodsy scent, it’s like taking a walk through the forest and great for both men and women!

Now this soap is more my style!  I absolutely love the scent, I know it says for both men and women but this is totally mine and Paul is not allowed to use it.


Deja Vu

Get some groove on with this patchouli and shea butter soap!  This is an earthy soap with a hint of citrus, perfect for a laid back bath!

I loved the smell of this one too!  It’s not too strong and the smell sort of reminds of being in a log cabin, love it and I know the shea butter will be very moisturizing!


Bonus!  Pumice Stone

This stone is made with Volcanic Lava and is used to exfoliate your feet.

This couldn’t have come at a better time!  My feet need a good scrub, after wearing sandals all summer they get so dry and I didn’t have a pumice stone so this is the perfect bonus!


The Fall Sudsy Box had a total value of $22.50 and this is right on the mark!  You can also order soap individually from Heidi’s Artisan Soaps but you also have to pay shipping if ordering individually.  Sudsy Box always has a great value for money and the soaps included also make great gifts for the holidays!


Click Here to check out Sudsy Box, there is also a coupon code for 20% off your subscription which makes Sudsy Box and even better deal, check it out at the top of their website!

Disclosure: I received the product mentioned above in exchange for my honest opinion, no other compensation was received.