SwimZip is one of the best ways to keep you and your child safe from the sun.  Swimzip clothing is UPF 50 + and when worn with sunscreen you will have the best sun protection possible.

I am always worried about my kids getting too much sun on their skin, even with sunscreen, the rays can still get through to the skin and the sunscreen eventually does wear off, so sun protective clothing along with sunscreen is a must have for us.


The clothing and swimwear at SwimZip is not only great for sun protection, it’s fashionable!  They have really cute swimwear for babies, toddlers and kids.


The Prepster

How cute is this?  I love the pattern of the shirt and the shorts match perfectly!  Dylan wore this all day so I am guessing it’s pretty comfortable!  This is super stylish, I like my kids to look good when they are out and with the added sun protection, this is a perfect little outfit!

The top is extremely lightweight so your child won’t be hot and sweaty!

The shorts are a cute navy blue color with a tie at the front.  I like shorts that have ties since some children are smaller than others.  We received size 4T for the shorts and shirt, they fit perfect, my son is in the 100 percentile for his age and wears mainly 4T to 5T clothing!  I also like how long the shorts are, kids tend to be clumsy at times and trip over things so I like that they cover his knees when he is standing up.  You can see the full outfit Here.


Ruffle Me Pretty

Sophia wasn’t very smiley!  Actually she hasn’t been for the past few weeks, she has her two bottom teeth coming in and I think they are hurting her.  But aside from her grumpy little face, the outfit looked so cute!  It was a little big on her, but this is a size 6 months, she is pretty small and only just just turned 5 months, so I know this will fit perfect when she is around 6 months.  If you have a  larger baby 3 – 6 months should fit well!

The swimwear has the cutest little ruffles on the shirt and on the bikini pants.  The outfit is also lightweight, it actually seemed to keep her cool!

I love the color too, you can’t go wrong with purple.  The top of the swim pants look like a little tutu, so cute!

You can see the full outfit Here.


SwimZip isn’t just a regular company who decided to make some clothing, there is a real heartwarming story behind SwimZip and how the company first came about Click Here to read more.

SwimZip also sells Sun Hats and Women and Mens long sleeved and short sleeved tops!  All of the swimwear is extremely well made, there is also a little flap of fabric under the clothing so skin doesn’t get caught in the zipper.

Although the clothing is SPF 50+ I still recommend sunscreen for that extra protection.

I am loving SwimZip right now and the clothes are perfect for summer!  My kids don’t need 10 different swimsuits, they only need a couple of sets that work well! What do you think about sun protective clothing?


If you would like to purchase or browse everything SwimZip has to offer, Click Here!

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