This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Torch.

The internet is a great learning tool for kids, but I always like to monitor what my kids are looking at, what apps they are using and how safe each site actually is when my kids are online learning, watching videos and playing games.

You hear so many stories about kids and online safety, it’s extremely important that my kids are safe, not seeing things they shouldn’t and not browing any websites that for adults.


My son is almost 5 but very bright when it comes to using apps, he loves online learning, watching movies and playing video games but you just never know what can pop up on the internet when kids are left unsupervised, I have had my experience with this so lets just say I like to monitor everything my kids do on the internet now.

As part of a sponsored post I have been researching a new smart, wifi router called Torch, I was super excited when I heard about this router as it has lots of great features such as limiting time usage during certain times and reporting what your kids are doing and where!

If there is content that you do not want your kids to see, you can also block it.

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The internet doesn’t have to be scary, Torch wants to empower parents and make you feel in control so your kids can browse the internet safely and become perfect digital citizens.

Of course, with the internet always evolving there may be times when kids do get around the rules so on top of building a physical product, Torch is also building an online community that encourages discussion about Internet safety and related issues, so kids and parents understand these topics and why the rules are in place, which I think is great because there aren’t too many places dedicated to this topic on the internet.


Kids should feel free to explore the internet, learn and feel safe doing so and most importantly parents should have peace of mind without constantly having to sit behind there children and watch every move they make.

Here are some of the great features Torch has to offer –

  • PAUSE – You can pause the internet usage for things like dinner time, family time or when you think your kids have had enough screen time and want them to go outside for some fresh air.  It’s also customizable for each child so it can be tailored to what is going on in your household.
  • BEDTIME – You can set a “bedtime” for the internet, no more “just 5 minutes” or “let me finish watching this”, you as parents now have the power to decide when the internet says it’s bedtime.
  • CONTENT CUSTOMIZATION – Torch allows you to block any websites you don’t want your child seeing or exploring, this way kids have room to be curious and it allows for child friendly exploration!
  • COMPREHENSIVE WEB HISTORY – Torch makes it so children can’t erase their web history so you can keep an eye out on exactly what they are looking at and the sites they visit.
  • DATA USAGE – Keep track of your kids data usage so you can understand the types of sites your kids are using, they are all categorized into things like gaming, social media and education.
  • ESTIMATED SCREENTIME – Keep track of how much time your kids are spending in the internet world so you can make sure your kids are balancing their time.

Torch is an easy way to gain control over the internet and give you peace of mind!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Torch.Tracking Pixel