Being a mom with 3 kids, a web design business and a blog is exhausting, but I wouldn’t have it any other way, although organization and being able to keep track of stuff on the go is a must, Tag Journal has been saving my sanity this past week!
Tag Journal is an all in one original app and it’s great for moms, at home or on the go!  You can track things such as baby milestones, family events with photos, videos and lots more!


As soon as you download Tag Journal, it has a set up screen that tells you about all the features and how the app can be used.  One of my favorite features is that all of your data can be synced to ICloud, so if your phone gets destroyed or somehow the app gets deleted, all of your files are backed up.


You can tag all of your voice recordings, videos, dates and times, that way if you are looking or something in particular like a certain doctors appointment that is just for your child, It will be tagged, you can choose the colors and names of each tag so they are organized in a way that to read and easy to find.



Great features include

  • Timeline – It has distraction free editing, hashtags, voice recordings and more, you can even add images and keep things up to date and noted down.
  • Gallery – You can add images to your gallery, sort them organize and look through them whenever you like!
  • Notes – Write down important notes when you are on the go, check back with your notes since you will have all your important information saved!
  • Recordings – Quick and easy for when your on the go, just record into you phone and you can check back on your all recordings.  This feature is also great for creating voice notes if you don’t have the time to type something out.
  • Tags – You can tag everything and search through everything for your tags, so if you are looking for something in particular, just search for the tag and you will find it super easy.


If you want a tag for your daughter, choose a color, if you want a tag for your son choose a color and so on, it’s such a great way to stay organized, find important data when you need it and generally just help you throughout each busy day!  It’s a great app for journalising and something everyone should have in their life.

Click Here here to visit the Tag Journal website, this app is available for Apple devices, it can be found in the App store!

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post, all opinions are my own.