Last year was probably the most stressful time of my life, I had my 3rd kid and just 3 days after that, had to go car shopping and we had just closed on a house, we were getting ready to move with 3 kids and a house full of stuff!

Now it’s not just moving stuff that’s stressful, nor the fact that I had 3 kids to move, setting up utilities and getting the best prices was also one of the most stressful parts!  Our air conditioning in our home broke a few days after we moved in so needless to say I wish I had used Allconnect to help me find everything I need to get my new home set up.


I remember when we first moved to Spokane, my husband was calling all these different companies to compare rates and get the best prices, it took forever, so the more convenient the better.

Think about it, when you move house, you usually have to set up the following –

  • Water
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Internet and Cable
  • Gas

This might not look like a lot, but making numerous phone calls and trying to find the best rates can take forever and a day.


Allconnect is simple to use, it’s free and guarantees that you will find the lowest prices in your area, their customized search provides everything you need to get the basics of your new home up and running with the click of a button.

All you do is type in your address, zipcode and choose from the drop down what you are searching for, It will compare the prices and show you all the local companies that you can sign up with.

Even if you are not moving but want to cut down on bills, Allconnect will help you find the cheapest prices and best services that fit your needs.



This was part of my customized search result, right now we pay around $140 month for cable TV and internet, for what we get I should only be paying around $109.99 / month which could be saving me an extra 30 bucks!

Aside from reccomending this service to you, I will also be using it myself to change some of my current services as we are definitely over paying with a few things!

Allconnect will also handle and help you set everything up, they even have a customer service line that you can call if you need any extra help or support.

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This post is sponsored by Allconnect, all opinions are that of my own.