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Lionsgate’s Norm of the North is coming out in theaters on January 15th, I couldn’t be MORE excited to see this movie, it’s about a big-hearted, talkative polar bear from the Arctic who embarks on a mission to NYC so he can save his home from being taken over by developers.

Last year, my little family faced some of the biggest challenges together, including buying our first home, that was fun, stressful and exciting all rolled into one but we did it and couldn’t be happier now that we are home owners!  I also had my 3rd kid, yes 3rd and final, all a few days before we moved house, it was a happy challenging time for all of us!

This year my 5 year old is going to learn how to swim, along with my daughter, we don’t live near an ocean or a beach but there are lots of water parks and swimming pools around. We will be taking on this learning adventure as a fun and challenging experience, but together, as a family!

It’s also been a while since we took a vacation, the last one was Vegas, fun right? It was definitely the vacation of a lifetime and even the kids loved it.  This year we are headed to Florida in the summer to visit my husbands family, this will be the first time my kids will meet their great uncles, aunts and Grandpa so it will be a new experience for all of us and a very exciting one.


One of the reasons we are super excited to see Norm of the North is that he is taking on a big challenge too, stepping out of his comfort zone, facing an identity crisis and taking on the Big Apple! Taking the plunge always proves best, life’s greatest rewards usually come from taking chances, as a mom of 3 kids I know this all too well!


My son is super excited about Norm of the North and can’t wait until it comes out in theaters, I have told him lots about Norm and how much alike they are, my son is always taking on new challenges, he loves to try new things, make new friends and just last week he learned how to properly tie his shoe laces, which was a big step for both him and a very proud moment for mom and dad!


 As children grow up, they face challenges and new experiences in their everyday lives. From getting on the school bus for the first time and trying out for the soccer team, to making new friends and enjoying occasional sleepovers, each day brings with it a new adventure!

Norm and his friends have put together a fun “Arctic Shake” video with instructions how you and your family can “Shake your Bear Thing” just like in the film!

Click Here to visit the Norm of the North website, it has lots of fun activities, downloads and games to check out!
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