Talking with Trees is a great little book series that helps kids learn honesty, respect, forgiveness!  It has lovely illustrations, teaching kids doesn’t need to be done the hard way, it can be softly taught within a story and all while making kids feel better about themselves.

The books come in 3 different stories, Be Proud, Be Bigger and What If?


The first book “Be Proud” is all about doing the right thing and having a conscience.  I won’t spoil the whole story but a little boy is sitting by a tree crying, the tree asks why he is crying and it’s because his mom told him he couldn’t play his handheld video game, but he took it outside anyway.

The tree explains to him that his parents and grandparents all did things they weren’t supposed to do, the tree has been around for a long time and has watched his family grow up!


The tree gently talks to the little boy and explains to him that listening and doing the right thing are much better than doing something you shouldn’t, if you do the right thing you will be proud of yourself and not have a guilty conscience!

This story was a nice read!  My son is almost 5 and I am constantly telling him not to do stuff, but he usually does it anyway, hopefully this story will help with that!  It also has a good activity sheet in the back of the book so kids can remember what the story means and write about it, it also has a section to write about the good deeds they have done recently like helping mom with the dishes!


The second story is about “Being Bigger”, a little girl is mad because her friend invited her and another girl to hang out but her friend ended up ignoring her.  The little girl wants to get revenge by inviting her friends sister to play but leave out her friend.  The tree explains to the little girl that being the bigger person and talking with her friend about how she made her feel is better than ignoring her or they could become enemies and it will only make her heart ache holding in anger.

This story explains being hurt and angry very well and also has some great questions for kids to read over in the back of the book that will help deal with this sort of problem and help them be the bigger person!


The next book in the series is called “What If“, it teaches kids that they need to think about their actions before jumping into it (or jumping off a tree).  If you were to go berry picking and get covered in berry juice then run inside the house and make the floor a mess, your mom would most likely be mad!  Think about what you do before you jump right in!

If you were to eat a snack right before dinner, you might not be hungry enough to eat dinner, what if you had thought about that beforehand?  The tree hands out what if seeds so children can feel the seed and remember to think before they jump into doing something that might get them hurt, hurt someone else or land them in trouble!


This is a great selection of books to help children learn what’s right, what’s wrong and what if!  Help your children with character building!

Visit the Talking with Trees website to check out the books they have to offer, they also have a great selection of coloring sheets, worksheets, printable posters and much more!

Disclosure: I received the products mentioned above and compensation for this post, all opinions are my own.