Taste Trunk has quite a few different subscription options, including Gourmet, Health, Barbecue and Sweet.  This review is of the Sweet version!  They have a 40% off your first box sale on right now so I just had to sample this one!

Taste trunk delivers a subscription box each month with 4 – 8 premium, hand picked sweet options from their favorite brands.  The sweets will be different each month but will still have the same good quality!

Taste Trunk comes packed in a branded box with wax seals, vintage newsprint and crinkle free paper and I loved the presentation!  (I already took all the wrapping off before I took this photo)


Taste Trunk Sweets Review June 2014

Website – www.tastetrunk.com

Price – $23.99 Month Plus Shipping.

Taste Trunk ships via 2 to 3 day priority mail.

The Sweets


Le Caramel Chocolate Caramels $9 Value I was a little worried that these would be hard caramels, they are not!

They taste like chocolate and caramel with a hint of sea salt, totally loved these!  They are also made with a traditional french recipe.

l2 lemon

Dancing Deer Baking All Natural Lemon Cookies $4.50 Value

These are my favorite item in the box, they didn’t last too long as they taste pretty delicious!

As you can see they come in a cute flower shape, the lemon flavor is great and they have a nice crunch!


Organic Hard Candy $2.99 Each

I really like the orange and honey flavor ones, they are great when you just need something sweet!  The cinnamon ones I’m not a big fan of, my husband likes those though!


CC Made Spiced Almond $4

Not too keen on this, actually I’m not too keen on spiced sweet stuff so I will probably be gifting this to someone!


Toffees $4?

These were wrapped up in some cool looking newspaper printed wrap, they are pretty good!

My Thoughts

This box had a value of around $29.50, I would have loved to see more chocolate products in the box and not hard candies or popcorn, but that’s just my preference!  If you like these sort of sweets then I would take a leap and try out this Taste Trunk, the value is definitely there, if you were to purchase each product online individually you would have to pay separate shipping! Unfortunately this one just wasn’t really for me.

If you would like to check out Taste Trunk Click Here!  Remember they also have other options such as barbecue which I hear is usually great!