I recently got some teething toys to test out, my daughter has been constantly teething since she was 3 months old, she almost has her full set of teeth at 14 months old!

She loves biting on these, chewing on them and they keep her occupied for a little while, she will put anything in here mouth, the more teething toys I have around the better!

These are soft and chewy, they help provide natural pain relief for baby’s teeth and gums.  These can also be placed in the freezer!

There is also a pacifier clip and teething holder included, none of my children use pacifiers, it’s just something I don’t believe in, especially after the age of one but the clip is great for holding the chew toys together.

They are bright and colorful and provide educational benefits that attract babies to the shapes and colors.

The toys are made form food grade silicone, they are BPA Free and FDA Approved!


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Disclosure: I received the product mentioned above to review, all opinions are my own.