As you all know, I am a huge fan of subscription boxes, I have been through some great ones and some not so great, usually there is an item or two that I have no use for and that makes it less valuable for me.  Now there is a GREAT way to sell or auction off your unwanted subscription box items! Introducing…

The After Market!

Whether you missed a valuable box one month and want to pick up a few of the items you missed or if you had a few bad boxes and want to sell some of your stuff, The After Market is the place to go!

subscription box

Becoming a seller

It’s really easy to set up a store, just click on become a seller and fill out the registration form.

Once you sign up you will be taken to your profile, where you can upload an avatar, background, your market points, messages, your orders and more!


To bid on products, click Auctions on the top menu!  If you want to sell your stuff, click on “Apply to be a seller” and you will be directed to the page where you can open up a shop!


Once your shop is created you will be directed to your vendor dashboard.


This is where you can manage your order, add a product, check your reviews and it has every thing you need to control, manage and auctions your items!

Now the reason why I personally think this is such a great idea?  It’s a niche, it’s a specialty store for subscription box lovers and you have full control over absolutely everything you sell, your rating and orders.

It’s free to sign up, creating a store is free and it is free to sell your items.  The Aftermarket does receive and 8% commission on items sold but for the service they provide and compared to other places, this is very low and provides you with some way to get money back on those items you just have no use for.

Beyond the marketplace, The Aftermarket at Find Subscription Boxes has an online community platform that makes it easy for subscription box fans to connect, share photos of their latest boxes and even post to their own blogs.


I love that this is a way for like minded people who love subscription boxes to connect, learn about others and learn about new subscriptions.

Are you a fan of sub boxes? What are your thoughts on this?  Click Here to sign up for The After Market and get some cash back on your subscription box items today!