About the Author

Kim Roach is an author, yoga enthusiast, mother and designer who lives with her family in Carlsbad, California. The idea for Bendy Cindy’s first adventure into yoga is based on Kim’s own experience with yoga and life with her daughter. Kim has practiced yoga for over 10 years and still feels the magic of life every time she steps onto her yoga mat.

About the Book

Bendy Cindy can bend! And stretch! And balance on one foot…but sometimes she shows off her talents in the wrong places!

That’s why Bendy Cindy’s mother takes her to a yoga class, where Bendy Cindy discovers the “the beauty of the bend”. Cindy’s story unfolds through a combination of words and colorful, hand-drawn images that all young children can enjoy whether they are reading the book themselves or following along with a parent.

Bendy Cindy illustrates the mother-daughter bond and helps children to learn about themselves through movement and slowing down.

My Thoughts

This book had really beautiful drawings, it’s very colorful and the images described the story well.  It teaches children that yoga is magical, they may not get it right away, but once you close your eyes and drift into the world of yoga, magical things start to happen.

I thought the story was a little bit like a fairy tale and the little girl who does yoga in the story learned just how to use her skills to create some yoga magic, her mom was very supportive.  For kids I think this book is a great read!


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