The Magic Path of Yoga introduces kids to the wonders of yoga, healthy nutrition, and the environment. The game includes a fully illustrated, 85-page booklet illustrating all of the poses and outlining the benefits of yoga.


To play the game, players roll the die, draw a card that matches the color they land on, and perform the yoga pose on the card for 10 seconds to round the board. The first player to reach the “Om” square and collect one card of each color wins! This game is a great introduction to yoga, it strengthens and tones the muscles and improves posture.


The game is really easy to set up, just lay the cards and board out, put the dice in the middle and your buttons on the correct color, then off you go!  I love how colorful the game looks, it’s great for stimulation and put a big smile on my sons face before we even opened the box!

The game itself is really easy to play, the poses not so much but that is what makes it so much fun!

IMG_3467There is also a yoga instruction booklet included that has lots of different poses and instructions on how to do each of them.  I know a little bit yoga but not that much and I am on a little journey to learn more, this book will come in handy and the game will too!  Yoga is great for improving your posture, relaxation and has many other health benefits but most of all this is a team game, it’s fun and you also learn some yoga from it!


I also received this cute little Magic Yogi Key chain!  It is totally going on my key ring, how awesome is this?  When I first got this my daughter who is 9 months old immediately wanted to eat it, she wants to eat everything at the moment which is kind of annoying, I will have to get her a larger key chain to chew on.


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