Chosen by Cooking with Paula Deen magazine as one of the Top 5 fudges if America, The Mill Fudge Factory makes a handcrafted fudge inspired from a family Scottish recipe. Each batch is made from scratch using only the finest natural ingredients, including a touch of pure honey in every flavor!

IMG_5591I love that the box was wrapped in a ribbon, it added a special touch, then I couldn’t wait to try out the delicious fudge!

There were four flavors included

Belgian Chocolate – Made with dark Belgian chocolate (62%cocoa), this fudge represents the perfect balance between intense chocolate satisfaction and a smooth easy-to-eat chocolate fudge. Whether your preference is for milk chocolate or dark, you’ll love it.

Original Penuche – This flavor is closest to the original Scottish fudge that our family recipe originates from. One oft he most popular flavors because of it’s uniquely rich, melt-in-your-mouth texture. Made with just four simple ingredients: cane sugar, Cabot butter, milk, and pure honey! A deeply satisfying caramel or dulce de leche experience!

Chocolate Walnut – The Belgian Chocolate fudge accented with plenty of fresh walnuts hand-mixed into this classic flavor.

Natural Peanut Butter – Another classic made with only the best all-natural peanut butter. If you love peanut butter and award-winning fudge, you’ll love this!


Original Penuche was my favorite, but it was a hard choice as the Belgian Chocolate was smooth and creamy and full of deliciousness too!


The fudge is fresh and natural and it is best if eaten right away or you can freeze it for a later date.  Was this the best fudge I ever had? No but it comes pretty close and I can say it is the best “Natural” fudge I have tried so far, I love the flavors and texture and melt in your mouth quality.


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Disclosure: Sample provided for review and testing.