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The Simple Soap is a brand new monthly subscription box for soap lovers.  Once a month you will receive three luxurious, organic bars of handmade soap delivered straight to your door!

Natural palm, coconut and olive oils with herbs and essential oils are used to create these long lasting, luxurious fragrant soaps.  Each bar of soap should last you about a month which means you can stock up and have an amazing soap collection or share the luxury with your family members or use them as a luxurious gift!

The Simple Soap never uses additives, perfumes or anything that will dry out your skin, they are a healthy choice for your family and the environment.


As soon as I went to open up the box I could smell the soap, it’s one of those smells you get when you walk into a spa, you just don’t want it to leave!


Each soap arrived in a cute little bag and my first impression was how pretty everything looked!  I like that each soap is separated, it stops them sticking together and they make for an easy soap storage solution!

The Soaps


Organic Lemongrass

This has a really beautiful lemon smell and with all of the ingredients like the oats and dired lemongrass I think this would make a great exfoliating soap.  I love handmade soaps where you can actually see what is inside them and this one is a beauty!


Organic Fresh Aloe

This has a really relaxing smell, I don’t know what aloe smells like, but I am guessing that is what the scent is, probably my favorite out of all 3 soaps!  I’m thinking this will be good for a relaxing bath and with the Aloe Vera I know it’s going to be super moisturizing.


Orange Creamsicle

This has a really nice citrus scent and I am thinking this will be a really good refreshing treat for my morning shower!

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I am really loving this subscription box, handmade soaps are my favorite kind of soaps, there is a huge amount of work that goes into making handmade soaps, I was thinking of trying it myself a while back then I watched a video tutorial on how to do it and there is just no way I would have the time or patience!

Each soap has a delicious smell and I can’t wait to use each one, I am hoping I can use one then move onto the next but I will probably end trying them all out because I’m impatient like that!

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Disclosure: The Simple Soap kindly sent me this box to review, all opinions are my own.