Coco Polo is a premium brand of chocolate. What makes them unique is that while they are incredibly sweet with a rich cocoa taste, Coco Polo chocolates are completely sugar-free. Instead, they are made of a special formula of cocoa and GMO-free stevia, a natural sweetener linked to various health benefits. Coco Polo is the ideal treat for guilt-free indulgence.


I tried out 3 different bars, I prefer milk chocolate over dark chocolate so that is what I chose to review!

Milk Chocolate

A perfect balance of creamy milk and carefully refined cocoa sweetened with Stevia for a perfect milk chocolate experience. This is sugar free chocolate for everyone; delicious, safe and full of beneficial goodness. These milk chocolate bars contain real milk, and therefore minor amounts of the natural sugar lactose, a constituent of milk, are present.

Hazelnut Chocolate

Hazelnuts are a long standing confectionery favorite for good reason; taste and texture. Mix plenty of them that with our unequalled Stevia sweetened milk chocolate and you have a very healthy and delicious result. The hazelnuts are split rather than crushed, so that the crunch adds to the taste experience.

Whole Almonds Chocolate

Dry roasted whole almonds from California and plenty of them in our acclaimed milk Stevia chocolate. Nuts and chocolate are perfect companions for this Coco Polo bar, combining Stevia-sweetened Milk Chocolate with Whole Dry Roasted Almonds, is certainly a delightful confection.

IMG_3077I really liked these chocolates, especially the nutty ones they were really crunchy, milk and creamy!  I am not a big fan of sweetened and no sugar chocolates, but some of them do taste great, I was more interested in Coco Polo Chocolate because of how they are made, they don’t taste like your regular store brand sweetened chocolates, they are much better than those.  I do get that sweetened aftertaste but it’s very light and doesn’t last long.


This is one of the healthiest ways to eat chocolate and with barely any real sugar involved this makes for a perfect treat!\If you like sugar free chocolate then I completely reccomend Coco Polo, they are much better than any sugar free chocolates I have tasted before.


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Disclosure: I received the product mentioned above in exchange for my honest opinion, no other compensation was received.