An increasing number of people are ditching their cars for a greener and healthier car-free lifestyle. If you’ve been considering going car-free but aren’t sure how to get started, read on for a list of helpful tips.

Take a Serious Look at How You Currently Use Your Car
There are several things you need to ask yourself such as: what places do I frequently drive to, how far away are those places, why do I go to those places, how often do I go? The next step is to ask: how many people go the same places and are any of my usual stops close together? The answers to these questions will give you an idea of your actual car usage and serves as a good starting place for planning car-free alternatives.

Take a Realistic Look at Your Alternatives
Depending on where you live, going completely car-free may or may not be realistic. If you have the opportunity to relocate to a walkable city, that can be the perfect opportunity to finally go car-free. For instance, Seattle is extremely walkable and there are plenty of Downtown Seattle condos for sale. In fact, Downtown is known for being one of the most walkable sections of the city.

If you don’t live somewhere walkable, consider other available options such as public transportation, riding a bicycle, or other modes of personal and urban transportation.

Plan Your Transition
Make a list of everywhere you need to go and everything you need to do throughout the week. See what you can do without and what you can group together. Are there different places you can go that are closer to home? Can you do any of your errands online instead? You may not be able to go 100 percent car-free immediately, but using these tips will significantly reduce your car usage.