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When my son was born, I was up at all hours of the night with him for the first six weeks which is pretty much the normal routine for new moms.  When my son was six weeks old I learned some great tips from one of my friends that would help him with his sleep routine and help me out too, my husband was deployed at the time and I was pretty much all on my own with this little baby so any advice I could get, I took it!

It was a learning curve but I soon learned a few of my own tricks, from babies, to toddlers, I have 3 of them now and they all sleep right through the night, I wouldn’t call myself a professional sleep trainer but I do have some helpful tips to get baby to sleep through the night!

Glow In the Dark Blanket

This is great for toddlers who get a little scared of the dark at night! I made one for my daughter and you can too with this tutorial!


What You Need

Step 1

Lay out your blanket flat, I used a muslim swaddle blanket but you can use any type!

Step 2

Hold down your stencil flat on the blanket, I used the floral stencils but there are thousands of different types out there.  Make sure the stencil is flat on the blanket and hold it down as firmly as possible.

Step 3

Paint inside each part of the stencil, keep a firm grip on the stencil so it doesn’t move or the paint will smudge.


Step 4

Once you are finished painting all of your stenciled areas, remove the stencil as firmly as possible and let the paint dry for up to 12 hours before using the blanket.


My daughter loves cuddling a glow in the dark blanket at night, it helps her fall asleep and she doesn’t feel like her room is so dark anymore, try it, this is also a nice craft for parents and young children!

As a reminder, when a baby is younger than 12 months, do not put any items in their crib due to safety concerns.

Bed Time Routine

A bed time routine is really important, it helps let your baby know when it is time to sleep and that it’s not playtime.  I didn’t do this with my first son until he was 6 weeks old and he was still waking up once per night at 7 months old.  When my daughter was born, I got into the bed time routine right away.  Bath, story time, bottle, then sleep.  My daughter slept 12 hours straight through the night by 12 weeks old.  I did the same with my youngest son and it worked a charm too.  Of course, newborns will still wake up during the night but I try and keep activity to a minimum and lay them right back down after a feed, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but it’s like everything, keep at it and in the end, you and your baby will have a full nights sleep.


Choosing the right Diapers and Wipes

When my baby has a really puffy diaper at night, it will more than likely waken him up, deciding on the right type of diaper can be tricky but I have found what works best for my little ones is Huggies OverNites.  These are Huggies most absorbent types of diapers, the wick away layer helps to keep my little ones skin comfortable and dry throughout the night with their snug fit and maximum protection.


My youngest tosses and turns a lot in his sleep, all of my kids have been restless sleepers and I am pretty sure my old sleepwalks (but that’s another story), no matter how much my youngest moves around at night, his diaper stays on and it protects leaks better than any other brand of diaper I have tried.  For a limited time you can also pick up a $2 off coupon for Hugges OverNites.

Huggies Natural Care Wipes have also been great for my babies skin, they are made of 99% water for a gentle clean, they have triple clean layers and they are thick enough to clean up the mess!


Every baby and every parent is different, I always had my babies in a bassinet when they were born and transitioned them to the crib, I rocked my first born to sleep for the first few weeks and he got used to that but I couldn’t get used to not having any sleep! With my second and third I would lay them down awake and gently rub their back which seemed to work better for us. Find out what works for you and your baby and stick to it!

Remember, a dry baby is usually a happy baby, Huggies OverNites have been a blessing for us, they even have super adorable Disney designs featuring Winnie the Pooh!

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