Travelling with kids is fun, but it can also be a nightmare when they get bored!  We usually take at least two road trips every year so keeping my kids amused whilst travelling can sometimes prove to be a nightmare, luckily I just recently found out about Best Buys Family Travel Tips!  I was supposed to choose my favorite idea, but there are so many great tips I just have to share a few!


Middle of No-where Movies

Next year we plan to travel a lot, take the kids camping and generally just have lots of family fun but as I am sure you all know, camping can be a little boring for kids and sometimes they just want to sit and watch a movie.

A mobile hotspot means Internet connectivity for multiple devices, wherever there’s a cell signal. Kick your camping experience up a notch with your very own outdoor streaming theater. A hotspot, a laptop, a Wi-Fi smart projector, plus some camper’s ingenuity and you’re watching your favorite travel flicks in no time. S’mores and popcorn recommended!


Road Trip Boost

When you are driving across country there are so many spotty cellphone areas, especially in the mountains!

Hit the road but don’t drop calls. Improve your phone’s connection strength with a cellular signal booster to help you never be out of touch. Go ahead, take the road less travelled. Your calls and texts are coming through loud and clear.


Stay Connected

My husband is always worried about someone breaking in when we go on vacation, a security camera certainly keeps his mind at ease!

Getting away doesn’t mean you can’t see what’s going on back home. Before your next getaway, install a security camera system like the Nest Cam and keep tabs on your home, pets or kids in livestreaming HD right on your smartphone. Many of these cameras offer motion and noise detection; even night vision. Now you can concentrate on what’s important, vacation.

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